You’re a mover, shaker, confidence creator.

It’s time to kick your wallflower copy and content strategy to the curb so you can go from overlooked to fully booked.


Glowing Web Copy Makeover

When you work with me on a Glowing Web Copy Makeover, you get all the words you need to take your website from snooze-inducing to totally click-worthy.

Starting at $1,997.

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Overlooked to Fully Booked

Content Strategy

With an Overlooked to Fully Booked Content Strategy, you’ll get a comprehensive strategic content marketing plan that acts as a magnet to bring your ideal clients to your site, into your sales funnel, and onto your books.

Starting at $997.

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Site and Social Scrub

Not sure why website visitors aren't turning into inquiries? When I put your online presence through my Site and Social Scrub process, you'll know what to revamp on your site to get those website visitors turned into scheduled appointments.


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About Danielle

Hey, babe! I’m Danielle, a copywriter and content strategist for visionaries and experts in the spa + wellness + beauty industries. I use my storytelling skills, smart strategies and best SEO practices to transform your copy from snooze-inducing to totally click-worthy and provide you with a strategic content marketing plan that will transform your business from overlooked to fully booked.

With my degree in public relations and experience in customer service, sales, and marketing in the wellness and aesthetic industries, I have a unique understanding of what your brand needs to stand out amongst your competitors and how to captivate your client’s attention and trust so you can secure more sales straight from your online presence.



"I love working with Danielle because not only is she a talent, but she also takes the time to understand my brand and message and is able to say exactly what I want to say - just in a much more poetic way. Having her on my team has allowed me to step back and focus on the big picture strategy of my brand and my business would not be where it is today without her dedication and high quality of work.

- Daniela Woerner - Founder of AddoAesthetics

"I was thrilled to have found Danielle because she got our business values and objectives from the get-go. I can’t believe how much she understood who we are as a brand, what we wanted, and where we’re going. After having consultations and working with other people to sort our content strategy, it was so refreshing to work with someone who very quickly made me feel like I was in good hands.

- Melissa Sinclair - Founder & Director of Big Hair Beauty